Three trans men or transmasculine people sitting on grass, proudly holding the transgender symbol and trans pride flag.

Art by Rommy Torrico,

About the study

Our Health Matters: Indian Trans Men and Transmasculine Health Study is a community-based research project. The project is led by trans and non-trans researchers from Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health and the Population Council, and a transmasculine Steering Committee. Project partners include TWEET Foundation and Transmen Collective.

Our Health Matters aims to bring attention to transmasculine experiences in society and health care, and how they affect health and well-being. Results will be shared back with the community and used to advocate for access to health care and affirming policies for trans men and transmasculine persons in India.

For the first phase of our project in 2021, we conducted 40 interviews in Hindi, Marathi, and English to gain qualitative data on the experiences of trans men and transmasculine persons. In 2022, we plan on recruiting 300 participants to complete our quantitative survey.

Who can participate?

Anyone over the age of 18 living in India, who identify as trans men or transmasculine (including non-binary transmasculine persons!) are eligible to participate!

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